What is Lost …


… will be found even if it doesn’t want to be …

Even the security of the village doesn’t keep Jinna from being able to hear the cries for help late at night. By morning the eerie calm is all that remains around the fragment of this ship. She’s decided to try getting closer to figure out what could be happening, but will she end up finding more than she meant to?

 :: wearing ::

Skin: Glam Affair – Gemma – Europa [The Arcade]
Hair: Exile – Glamorous
Make-Up 1: Buzz – Frost Angel Shadow – Fresh Snow [Winter Event]
Make-Up 2: Nox. Silent Night Shadow – Tinsel [Winter Event]
Make-Up 3: Chary – Mode Face Paint 1
Make-Up 4: Glam Affair – Gemma Lips 02 [The Arcade]

Headpiece 1: .Enfant Terrible. Lotties Eye Catcher [Genre, current round Victorian]
Headpiece 2: *Soul May* Mystic – Pearl Silver [25L Holiday Bazaar Gacha] (I believe this event has closed already, sorry)
Shoulderpiece: Luas – Inferno Fur [25L Holiday Bazaar Gacha] (I believe this event has closed already, sorry)
Dress: Junbug – Lady Leather [Gothmas by Gaslight Event] (there are two sims a part of this event)
Leggings: Deetalez – Glow Leggings [Phat Azz Event]
Cuffs: Amorous – Samsara Bracelet


Flash Friendly Poses: The Snow Queen #4 [Seraphim Book Social Event]


 I love, love that Junbug made this dress with the choice to be either short or long. It’s perfect for my character who might be need to appear noble one moment, then head out for a trek into the over grown terrain the next. I literally gave an excited squeak when I saw the headband created by Enfant Terrible listed at various places, and it does not disappoint in-world, the amount of detail is amazing and it’s perfect for feeling that right amount of girly. Chary, of course doesn’t let down with her face paints. I literally have no idea how many of them I have anymore. It never fails to work as a finishing touch for just the right amount of funk or interest.

I had a ton of fun creating this outfit, and with the lists and lists of events that are going on right now it was a complete blast seeing what the creators had to offer. There really are some extremely talented people out there making things to fashion up our pixels. That being said, There was one creator that made me smile. She was super sweet when she realized that she’d made a mistake in one of the folder she’d put up for sale. Contacted me before I even realized it wasn’t the right eye shadow. Thank you Buzz creator for the Frost Angel Shadow – Fresh Snow!

❤ Jinna ‘thistle’

Yell at me.. Quietly..

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