Escape the Clearing



The discovery of Revan’s temple has brought along several new faces to the valley. The doors remain sealed, but for how long? What discoveries are there really inside, and are they as potentially dangerous as Starstrider once said. Those are just a few of the questions pouring through Jinna’s mind as she continues the exploration of the dark world along side the misfit force user. 

Outfit –

  • Shirt:                 Silk Worms      ::MO:: Hip Camisk        Holiday Bazaar
  • Headpiece:       *Mays Soul* Mystic Chain RARE          25L Holiday Bazaar          (Gacha)
  • Undershirt:       *BOOM* Everyday Tank
  • Skin:                 .Birdy.  Blair Skin ~Pure~ Kiss me  RARE The Arcade                  (Gacha)
  • Make-Up:         Pink Acid   Egyptian Goddess Eyeliner
  • Leg Warmer:    [Monso]     My Leg Warmer
  • Leggings:         Deetalez    Glow Leggings                        Phat Azz Event
  • Stockings:       Chary.         Ballet Socks                           Phat Azz Event
  • Hair:                 /Wasabi Pills/ Brrree


  • Apple Spice – Against the Wall Pose 004


  • Taken In-World at Dromund Kaas, Specter Valley. [A new small RP sim that is slowly growing. It has rich lore and tons of places to snap photos at. If you’re interested in Sci-fi, Star Wars Role play come by for a visit. Grand Opening will be coming soon.]

Yell at me.. Quietly..

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