COMING SOON! [Specter Valley]




I’ve been really quiet the last couple days building and my friends were asking where I’d been.. so.. I promised picks and a semi-full explanation. Of course I can’t give all the pictures, because it’s not completed yet.

But, Here’s the beginning.. A small RP sim, for eventsthat ICly would be located in the northern section of Dromund Kaas. Dorien has already begun putting together wonderful lore to be discovered, which I’m extremely excited to discover fully myself even. (Yes, he’s kept some of the funner details secret from me as well.)

Currently the build is 98% done with little things here and there that need to be touched up. The pictures above are just two of the little snippets, one being a ship that crash landed at some point ages ago. While the other is the still under construction Sith Temple.

So, if you love RP .. or more specifically .. Star Wars themed RP,  you might have fun checking out the place once it is completed. For now I have to run away.. still have the problem of finding some good clouds and fog! Have a good night 🙂

❤ Jinna “thistle”


Yell at me.. Quietly..

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